Bobble (and Beads) Dress

I'm really quite fond of knitting in my free time, but I haven't really undertaken a big project in quite some time.  Then, I was flipping through an old Vogue Knitting magazine (from 2012!), and stumbled upon a really pretty, bohemian style dress, and decided that since I had some yarn just lying around, waiting to be used, I had to make it.  So, I did, and wanted to show it to you!

Technically, it's called the Bobble and Beads dress (you can see the original and purchase the pattern here), but once I'd finished sewing it up, I decided that I actually liked it without the beads.  For a dress, it was really quick to knit up, especially since the majority of it was done in a simple stockinette stitch, and just the bodice is done with lace leaves and bobbles.  That bit was a bit more complicated, especially since I'd never done bobbles like this before, but it was certainly a fun new skill to learn!

I used Caron's Simply Soft, which is a yarn that I use in almost all of my projects, in Dark Heather Grey.  I love Caron's Simply Soft, because it's a nice, soft yarn to work with, and after a while, once it's been knit into something like a sweater, it doesn't pill, but does fray a little, giving it a nice vintage vibe.  Though, I must admit, I probably should branch out into some other fibers at some point. 

For those of you who may want to see what this dress looks like on, please be patient!  I'm actually putting together my first "Outfit of the Day" style post with this dress as the focal point of the outfit, which should be going up on Friday!  I'm very excited about it, so I do hope you'll stop back and see it!