August Sweater: Ballerina Wrap Sweater

Can you believe that we are already preparing ourselves for the autumn months?  This year has simply flown by, and with the sweater I'll be sharing with you today, I will have officially crossed the halfway point in my goal of making one sweater for every month of the year.  I think every month I talk about how that month's sweater was my favorite to make,  which is true of this one, as well, but it's most definitely my favorite to wear!

This is the Ballerina Wrap Sweater, from Vogue Knitting, just like all the sweaters I've done this year.  It features a lovely peplum-style bottom, with a ruffle edge detailing that hides the snap-button closures.  It's just a lovely, intricate piece.  It's certainly not a beginner project, though.  There were several times that I had to stop while knitting this piece and scratch my head a while, trying to figure out what I was supposed to do - particularly when it came to the ruffle over the closures.

As for my outfit, I decided to pair this sweater with some jeans from American Eagle.  I love American Eagle jeans.  They just fit me better than any other jeans I've worn, and they're incredibly comfortable.

As for my shoes, I wore a pair of simple, matte black Tieks that I wear All.  The.  Time.  Honestly, I probably don't actually need another pair of shoes, I wear them that much.

For my accessories, I decided to keep it simple with some nice silver bangles from White House | Black Market that were a gift, and some small pearl stud earrings.  I forgot to actually take a picture of my earrings, but you all know how much I love my pearls, and stud earrings are always a classic piece.

The lipstick I chose today has been my favorite of the moment, and it's this Tara Tarantino lipstick in Penny Arcade.  It's a fun, bright pink that is just dark enough to not qualify as hot pink, and I absolutely love it.

Also, for those of you wondering how I was able to find such an amazing place to take pictures, I would like to introduce you to the gorgeous building in which I work.  If you watched my vlog channel, you may know that I work in a museum, and if you know which museum I work in, you should definitely come check it out!

My Outfit
Sweater: Vogue Knitting | Jeans: American Eagle | Bangles: White House Black Market (gift) | Flats: Tieks | Lipstick: Tara Tarantino Penny Arcade

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