Chase's Cruise Diary

Last week, as those of you that follow my YouTube channel or Twitter already know, my entire family and I went on an Eastern Caribbean cruise with Carnival.  Now, I know a lot of internet personalities like to do a video montage of their vacations, or vlog the entire thing, but I kind of wanted to keep things a little more private.  However, we have this little mouse named Chase that likes to go on vacation with us, and thought he could tell you a little about the trip!

We boarded the Carnival Breeze on January 3rd, and were some of the last folks to board the ship.  I think this was because our flight into Miami (where our port was), ran a little late, we forgot our boarding passes at home, and couldn't figure out where our luggage was supposed to go.  None of this mattered in the end, though, since we still got on the ship.

There was plenty of food on board, and one of our favorite things to eat was pizza!  I think we got pizza at least once a day, sometimes more.  They had quite a few different options as far as toppings went, but just like at home, we mostly stuck with plain cheese or pepperoni.

Every night, our steward surprised us with a different towel animal.  This one, (I think it's a bulldog?) was one of my favorites, but we also had a monkey, swan, and several other animals!

The first couple days we were at sea, which was very relaxing.  We got to just sit in the sun, and catch some amazing shows.  Then, on the third day we got to our first port: St. Thomas.  This is where we went snorkeling and relaxed on the beach.  Everybody had a ton of fun, but I think some people weren't incredibly enthusiastic about the salt water.  It's hard to get used to when you're only around freshwater!

We went to another port the next day: Antigua.  From what I've heard, we should have gone to the beach here, but we didn't know any better, so instead we just hung around the city, doing a little shopping, then going back to the ship to nap for a while.  I suppose it wasn't the most exciting day of our trip, but at least now we know to hit the beach if we get back there!

The next day we were in San Juan, and I think it's safe to say that this was our favorite stop.  First, we journeyed to the Bacardi Distillery, which was pretty amazing.  We learned about the history of the family, how they ended up with a fruit bat logo, got a free piƱa colada, and try a sample of 30+ year old rum!  It was definitely one of the highlights of our trip.

We also wondered around San Juan for a while, which was really cool.  I don't even know how to describe it apart from gorgeous, but quite busy.  I definitely want to go back sometime and look around more.  Maybe even spend a couple days there.

We did also go to Nassau in the Bahamas, but wouldn't you know it?  We forgot our camera on the ship, and then proceeded to forget to take any more pictures.  In Nassau, we went over to Cabbage Beach, and just hung out there the entire day, floating in the ocean, relaxing on the beach, and chasing a few seagulls.  It was an amazing trip, and even though I'm glad to be home in freezing cold Minnesota, I do miss the sunshine!