Rubber Band Prayers

 A while ago, the youth minister at our church introduced the concept of keeping a rubber band prayer to me, and I knew while he was telling me about them, I had to share it with you guys.  Basically, the idea is to make a bracelet out of a plain old rubber band, and write prayer topics on it to remind you of things you need to pray about.  Obviously, this can get really personal, so the one I'm sharing with you today is a little more generic than one I would keep for myself.

While this concept is really simple, I did want to go through just a couple tips with you that I found made a big difference in how I make my rubber band prayers.  You'll need three items: a pen (preferably non-permanent), a journal, and a rubber band.

Slip the rubber band around the journal, as pictured below.  This gives you a nice, secure way to write on the rubber band, and it's surrounding the journal in prayer, as well, which will be a cool thought later on. :)

I did add hashtags to the beginning of each of my prayer topics...mostly because that's what the minister did.  There's not too much of a reason behind it.  It just looks kind of cool and modern!

I would also recommend writing really wide letters, because once you take the rubber band back off of the journal, you're left with much smaller letters.

Just keep on adding prayers until your rubber band is completely filled up.  Earlier, I mentioned that it is best to use a non-permanent pen to do this.  The reason behind this is that eventually, these prayers will fade, and you will have to put new ones in their place, or if they're still relevant, you'll have to look at them again with new eyes.

Finally, I'd mentioned that surrounding the journal with prayers would be a cool thought later on.  It is now 'later on'.  Once your rubber band prayer has been completed and added to your wardrobe, you can use the journal as a prayer journal to keep tabs on how your spiritual life and prayer is going.  This keeps you accountable, and you can get as personal as you want!

I love the concept of prayer rubber bands, and I hope you guys do, too!  Not only is it an awesome reminder to continue working in our faith, but it doubles as a cool, edgy fashion item, suitable for both men and women!  Let me know what your thoughts are, and if you made one yourself, feel free to let me know what some of your prayers are, so I can be praying with you!  Love you!