DIY Monogrammed Mug

So, this project idea was a combination of a couple different things.  First, a while back, I picked up a couple initial mugs from Target (you may have seen them on Instagram a time or two!), and to this day they are still probably our most used mugs.  I don't know what it is, but Joe and I really like having personalized things - that may be part of our obsession with making things ourselves.  Anyway, as for the second thing, back in October, we were out for breakfast with some friends, and I received my coffee in a glass mug.  I thought it was the coolest thing, and immediately thought about doing a bit of glass etching to monogram my own.  However, I just now got around to making some, since I thought it would make a good little stocking stuffer for Joe!  These were much easier than I was expecting, and really didn't take much time, so they really would make the perfect gift!

You'll Need:

  • A vinyl sticker with the initial of your choosing
  • A glass mug
  • Rubber gloves
  • Immediate access to a water source
  • Armour Etch
  • Paintbrush
Starting with a clean mug, apply your vinyl sticker.  I actually cut mine out with our Silhouette Cameo cutter, but you can certainly use a knife or whatever may be available to you.  Basically, you just want to have something that will tightly stick to your surface.

Then, liberally apply the Armour etch on top of the space you want to etch.  You really want a thick coat here so that you can't see through the cream.  Let it sit for one minute only.

Once the cream has set for a minute, rinse it off, and remove the vinyl sticker.  Dry your mug, and you're finished!

Honestly, I was so worried about this project taking a long time and being incredibly difficult, but it really wasn't, and I think the result is pretty amazing!  At least to me, it looks very classy, and is a nice, subtle way to put your mark on things.  Plus, they're perfect for these cold winter nights, whether you're filling them with coffee, hot chocolate, hot toddy, any of those warm beverages!