Christmas Terrarium

I love the look of the classic terrarium packed with succulents, but I'm such a terrible gardener, that I can kill even the heartiest of plants.  So, although I've looked through several tutorials on how to put them together, I've never actually tried it myself.  Now that it's winter, though, I've noticed a new trend popping up all over Pinterest - a Christmas terrarium!  These snowglobe-like scenes require very little work to put together, and absolutely no upkeep, which is perfect for my scatterbrained mind.

All you really need is a glass jar with a lid, some artificial snowflakes, a few decorations - I used a tree from Department 56 and a little red model car - and if you really want to make it look elegant, a candle pedestal.
Fill the bottom of the jar with the artificial snowflakes.
Arrange your Christmas scene.
Then add the lid to the glass jar and place on candle pedestal, if desired.
That's all there is to it.  I love how minimalistic and elegant this particular terrarium is, but as I'm sure you've guessed, you can make it as extravagant or casual as you'd like, and it's easy to fit to your d├ęcor!  This would be particularly easy if you already have a Christmas village in your home - you can use a terrarium to showcase one or two of your favorite pieces!  I think they're so pretty, and I would love to look at even more.  If you've created a Christmas terrarium in your home, please share a picture with me via Twitter or Instagram!  I'd love to see it!