Evelyn's 4 Month Update

We had a little photoshoot the other day because Miss Evelyn just turned 4 months old!  Before she was born, I was told that the time just flies by, but oh my goodness!  I didn't realize how fast it really goes!  It's as if the moment we brought her home, someone pressed fast forward on my life.  She's really been blossoming into her own little person this month: a beautiful, curious, high energy little girl that loves music and is not a big fan of naptime!  She's figured out how to roll from her back to her front this month, and has been rolling from her front to her back for quite some time.  She's been working on scooting around a bit, and has been trying to sit up on her own, though she'll still need a bit of practice before she masters those skills!

As you might be able to tell from these photos, she is a little redhead right now, with a fiery personality!  She's figured out that she can communicate with us in ways other than crying, though, which is a welcome development!  Her favorite way to tell us she's annoyed with something is that she essentially makes a motorboat noise, and furrows her brow.  I think she likes doing it so much that even if we've rectified the situation, she still has to make it!

One thing that has been a little tougher this month is that I did go back to work on May 2nd. I didn't technically take "maternity leave" with Evelyn, because I have a position where I only work May through September, and we were fortunate that she was born right in the middle of my break.  So, we had quite a bit of time where it was just the two of us, but it was still incredibly hard to drop her off at my parents (who are providing daycare for us) the first week or so.  I'm not afraid to admit that I cried on my way to work the first few days, and I'm still begging my parents for pictures of her while I'm at work.  We are still breastfeeding, which has been a little bit of a hurdle, since that means that I have to fit in pumping sessions in addition to the other work that I need to get done.  So far, everything's been going well, though, and we haven't needed to supplement, yet.

Evelyn has also been teething, and has been for a while.  We think she'll be getting her upper teeth first, but we'll see which one ends up popping through.  Because of this, she's not exactly sleeping through the night like she used to.  Once we can get her asleep, she's still a pretty good sleeper, and only wakes up once (around 4:00am) to eat.  I can certainly live with that!  She's been such a good baby, and even though she's a lot of work, I wouldn't have it any other way.  Joe and I love her so much, and can't wait to see what she'll do next!

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