Handmade Summer Capsule Wardrobe Plans

I think it's about time that I get intentional about my handmade capsule wardrobe, don't you?  I've been talking about it for who knows how long, and I do have quite a bit of handmade clothing, but this summer, I wanted to sit down and come up with some cohesive wardrobes, not just for myself, but for my entire family.  So, this is it.  This is my tentative list of clothing that I hope to make my family for these summer months, along with their statuses.  I'll try to update this list throughout the summer, and we'll see how I did sometime in late August!  Are you excited to come along on this journey with me?  I'm excited!  Oh, and if you have any suggestions for other projects I should do, please let me know in the comment section!  I need a few more ideas for Joe...

Mazzy Cardigan by Elizabeth Smith - in progress
Jamie Jeans by Named Clothing - not started
New Look 6323 Leggings - complete

Timberline Cardigan by Jared Flood - not started
McCall's M6044 (C) - not started

Anna's Summer Cardigan by PetiteKnit - in progress
Waterfall Raglan Top by Chalk and Notch - complete
Simplicity 2461 Dress - complete
Leggings by ToddAh - complete