Simplicity 2461 Dress Revisited

It really wasn't very long ago that I first made Evelyn a dress using the Simplicity 2461 pattern, and shared it on this blog (you can see that here).  I love that dress on her so much, but even though I mentioned in that first post that I was planning on making her another, I didn't think it was going to be this soon!  Then, I saw this Swan All Over fabric on sale at Hobby Lobby - I think it's since been discontinued - and knew I had to do it again.

I did a few things differently this time around, like putting in an invisible zipper, using fusible interfacing for the collar instead of tear-away, and I know I attached the collar a bit differently than the first time.  I'm just not entirely sure how I did it.  Regardless, the little details are much better than the first time, and it looks much more polished than the first dress.

I do think that one of the main reasons this second dress looks so much more polished than the first is simply due to fabric choice, as well.  While most people wouldn't notice those small imperfections, it's clear the the first dress is made of a much more playful fabric, and this one is more soft and gentle.  It's almost hard to believe they were made out of the exact same pattern - same version, and everything!