Waterfall Raglan Top by Chalk and Notch

When I picked up this Art Gallery Little Town Starbright Frost fabric, I had plans to be selfish and make myself a t-shirt.  I was going to make a short-sleeved shirt from the New Look 6323 pattern I've had in my stash for quite a while, but, when I went to pull the pattern pieces out, I noticed that several were missing!  So, I started looking for a different top to make, and stumbled across the Waterfall Raglan Top by Chalk and Notch.  Soon after, I found out that Chalk and Notch also has a mini version of the Waterfall Top for 12M-12 years!

Evelyn and I have had several coordinating outfits, but we've never really truly matched, so when I found this pattern, I knew I had to do one up for both of us!  It took a little bit of creative cutting to get all the pieces for both tops from 2 yards of fabric, particularly since I later noticed that I'd forgotten a ruffle piece for both tops, but I managed!  I think an experienced sewist could easily get both tops out of 2 yards (sizes 8 and 2T), but as a beginner, I like to have a little wiggle room, just in case, and I didn't have much wiggle room with these.

Once I got past cutting out the pieces, the rest of the pattern was a breeze.  The Chalk and Notch patterns are so easy to follow, there wasn't a single moment where I had to stop and think about what I was supposed to do.  The neckband was a little tricky, and you can see Evelyn's doesn't lay flat, but overall, I think they turned out really well!

They're going to get so much use over the summer, I can already tell!  I love this tunic style, and the fabric is nice and lightweight, so we should be able to manage another summer without air conditioning!  Fun fact: I don't think Joe and I have lived in an air conditioned house since we've been together. 

Other Details:
My Leggings: New Look 6323
Evelyn's Leggings: Toddah